Medical Qigong

Do you ever feel like your energy is “off” and you just don’t know why, even though there’s nothing physically wrong with you? Or have you ever had trouble getting rid of those sticky, negative thoughts and emotions? Medical Qigong clears that and gets you back to yourself, but with more energy and a better connection to Heaven, Earth and the Divine.

Medical Qigong predates acupuncture by several thousands of years as energetic medicine. Qi 氣 is the bioenergy or vital life force that underlies and animates all living things. Gong 功 means work or working with, hence Medical Qigong is working with Qi as medicine, or in other words using Qi to treat illness, foster and maintain wellness. Medical Qigong treats insomnia, fatigue, difficult emotional/energetic patterns, sleep issues, fatigue, difficult concentration, digestive issues, pain, chronic illness, disorders of the nervous system, respiratory issues, cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and much, much more.

During the check in, the MQ practitioner assesses the state of the patient’s overall Qi, the energetic state of the organs and channels, the chakra’s, the Wei Qi fields, looking for and becoming aware of blockages and deviations. This is accomplished by the practitioner through an expanded subtle awareness, created through cultivating a palpable connection to Heaven, Earth and the Dao/Divine.

The patient relaxes on the table as the practitioner does a short meditation or “hook up” with Heaven, Earth and Source to set the intention for the treatment. Next the practitioner diagnoses though subtle energetic perception and begins to treat. The treatment consists of removing energetic and emotional blockages or toxic Qi within all of the vital organs, then replacing it with healthy Qi and correcting the flow of energy. The patient may feel movement on and around the body, gentle ‘tugs’, and have major emotional releases as past trauma’s resurface and clear.

Exercises may be taught at the end of a session in order for the healing to continue. They consist of movements with visualization, intention, and breath work. They are individually tailored specifically to continue the process of healing and cultivation for the patient.