Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tired of side effects and want to try a natural approach? Chinese Herbal Medicine has been helping people get relief from all sorts of illnesses for thousands of years. Whether insomnia, digestive issues, fatigue, low libido, women’s health, fertility, migraine headaches, UTI’s, sore throat or even the common cold, Chinese Herbs can help. Specific and customized formula are available in tablets, powder (to make a tea), or raw herbs.

The practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine has been well documented for over 3,000 years. Simply put, Chinese Herbal Medicine is the treatment of illness with the use of plant, animal, and mineral medicinals to help the body, mind and spirit achieve health and balance. To explain this medicine, let us look to the meaning in it's mother tongue. The character for herbal medicinal - yao 藥 , is essentially the character for music - yue 樂, which has a double meaning of happiness, joy - le 樂 with the plant radical added on top – cao 艹. So, loosely translated Chinese Herbal Medicine is the shared joy or happiness of experiencing cosmic music in plant form. Another way of explaining this would be the concept of resonance. The herbs are giving the body a message. The body does the healing work, the herbs simply help it along, or point it in the right direction, if you will. Yes, there are profound biochemical exchanges happening, but it is much deeper than this. Aside from the rich philosophy inherent in this medicine, it happens to be profoundly effective at treating many illnesses, whether acute or chronic, examples being – a variety of colds and sore throats, chronic and acute pain, trauma, lack of energy/fatigue, digestive issues, gynecological problems including PCOS and fibroids, impotence, fertility, insomnia, hemiplegia, migraine headaches, bladder infections, and many many more.